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Master of Agribusiness

Animal Health Management Certificate 

This 20-hour graduate certificate program provides a series of courses and experiences that will help equip animal health professionals to make better economic decisions for their companies and practices. Food and companion animal specific management and economic tools, enable students to lead and manage organizations in the animal health sector more efficiently

The increasing complexity of the global animal health industry has created the need for additional training for employees and management. Critical issues addressed in the certificate curriculum include:

  • the redefinition of animal health and the breadth of species included in the industry
  • pharmaceutical impact in food supplies
  • veterinary epidemics
  • industry volatility  
  • increasing regulation
  • “downstream customer” influence
  • workforce diversification
  • competition for resources in human and animal markets

Admission into the Animal Health Management certificate requires:

  • Bachelor's degree from an accredited university with at least a 3.0 GPA
  • Two years of professional work experience
  • Personal computer proficiency
  • Undergraduate courses in:
    • Accounting
    • Statistics or genetics
    • Macroeconomics, Microeconomics or agricultural economics

Classes starting June!

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Animal Health Management Certificate Courses:

AGEC 713 Agribusiness Financial Management

AAI 840 Regulatory Aspects of Drug and Vaccine Development in the Animal Health Industry

AGEC 700 Applied Agribusiness Economics

AGEC 780 Economic Issues in the Global Animal Health Industry

MANGT 820 Managing Organizational Behavior

AGEC 735 Sales and Marketing in the Animal Health Industry

AGEC 890 Advanced Food and Agribusiness Strategy