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Master of Agribusiness

Animal Health Cohort 

Kansas State University’s Master of Agribusiness is a flexible, online business-focused graduate degree for animal health and companion animal professionals. Not an MBA in agribusiness, and not an M.S. in Agricultural Economics, but a professional degree program training managers for one of the most rapidly changing industries today.

In addition to the traditional courses you would find in MBA program such as finance and management, the Master of Agribusiness tailors each course to the industry and offers a global animal health industry elective to further customize the curriculum for the student. This will enhance students' management and strategic skills to help them deal with the challenges of the rapidly changing environment within the animal health industry.

The two, one-week on-campus sessions of the program are held at K-State Olathe in August and October of each year.

Agribusiness Courses, 27 hours
AGEC 700 Applied Agribusiness Economics
AGEC 701 Computer Decision Tools for Agribusiness
AGEC 713 Agribusiness Financial Management
AGEC 720 Agribusiness Risk Management
AGEC 730 Applied Agribusiness Logistics
AGEC 740 Seminar in Agricultural Economics Analysis
AGEC 760 Econometrics in Agribusiness
AGEC 761 Optimization Techniques for Agribusiness
AGEC 770 International Agribusiness and Policy Analysis
AGEC 890 Advanced Food and Agribusiness Management

Animal Health Course, 3 hours
AGEC 780 Economics of the Global Animal Health Industry

Business Courses, 9 hours
AGEC 735 Sales and Marketing in the Animal Health Industry
MANGT 820 Behavioral Management Theory

Thesis Hours, 6 hours
AGEC 899 Master’s Thesis

Total credit hours 42 hours For a detailed list of courses, see Program Booklet.

 Animal Health Courses

Application Process
Applications are screened upon receipt. June 1st is the tentative application deadline, but applications may be accepted until the class is filled. Earlier submissions are strongly encouraged due to limited spaces available. To see admission requirements, application process and fill out an application, go to the Admission section.

More information For more information about the MAB Animal Health cohort please contact us at mab@ksu.edu or 1-785-532-4495.

"I was very excited to start the Master of Agribusiness animal health program because it gave me the ability to obtain the business knowledge I was looking for while studying the animal health industry that I am very interested in. Another major plus for the program is the faculty’s involvement with a variety of agricultural industries. Additionally, the location of the program in heart of the animal health world is huge.”

Jordan Hanslovan
Project Superintendent
FCI Constructors, Inc.
Cheyenne, Wyoming

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Animal Health Session dates:*

August 4-9
October 20-25

August 3-7
October 19-24

*dates are tentative and may be subject to change.