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Master of Agribusiness

Give Back

In the past 18 years, more than 40 Master of Agribusiness students have been awarded scholarships. It is through gifts donated by MAB alumni and supporters, some MAB students are able to continue their education and add to the growing diversity of the Master of Agribusiness program. Scholarships allow us to attract students who otherwise may not be able to enter the program due to financial reasons, including individuals from throughout the United States and international students. The diversity that these students bring to the program benefits all participants.

How you can help: Contribute to MAB scholarships to help others with financial need gain access to the benefits of the MAB program. Nearly 40% of students who enter the program have little or no financial assistance especially international and self-funded students. Scholarships enable us to attract students, especially international students who otherwise would not enter the program due to financial reasons. There are two different scholarships that are currently available.

Agribusiness Masters Scholarship (O01137) - At least one scholarship is awarded annually to a student based on scholarship and financial need.

Master in Agribusiness Alumni Producer Scholarship (O031490) - At least one scholarship is awarded annually to a student in production agriculture based on scholarship and financial need.

Please remember if you decide to donate to our scholarship funds, your employer may match your contribution dollar for dollar. You can check with either your company or Kim at the KSU Foundation to determine if your company does match, and how to make sure the MAB benefits from that matching contribution. Your contributions will help keep the program successful and growing for another decade.

To may a contribution online, please go the KSU Foundation's website and click on the Give Online link. Search for Agribusiness and select either of the two funds (Agribusiness Masters Scholarship or Masters in Agribusiness Alumni Scholarship).

Give Back

If you have any questions about the scholarships or wish to contribute, please feel free to contact us at 785-532-4495785-532-4495, mab@ksu.edu or Kim Schirer, KSU Foundation, 785-532-7517785-532-7517, kims@found.ksu.edu.