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Master of Agribusiness

Program Schedule & Curriculum

Manhattan Cohort

Animal Health


Coursework (Manhattan)

Year one
The program begins with an on-campus session in January at K-State campus in Manhattan, KS where students begin three classes and learn the distance education technology. Assignments and projects are completed via distance and the courses conclude with a second campus session at K-State in March (Manhattan). At this second campus session students take final exams and present group project work. The rest of the first year, students take courses at a distance.

Year two
he second year starts with a campus session in January (Manhattan) with courses in applied econometrics and policy analysis. Similar to the first year, these courses are conducted via distance and end with an on-campus session in March. The rest of the year, students take organizational behavioral management, marketing and agribusiness management via distance. A required business elective may be taken either at K-State or at a university of the student’s choice during the program.

K-State offers an international elective AGEC 710, Comparative Food and Agriculture Systems, that is team taught by faculty at K-State Partner Universities in Russia, Uruguay, France, Thailand, India, New Zealand and Uganda.

Year three
Year three of the program is spent researching and writing a thesis on a company-related issue. The project takes about six months to complete. The MAB program consists of 39 hours plus three elective hours for a total of 42 hours.

The thesis project ties together all of the skills and concepts learned throughout the program. It is an avenue to develop managerial talent with the skills to manage and organize information into a decision-making framework.

Animal Health Coursework (Olathe, KS)

In addition to the traditional material you would cover in an MBA program, the Master of Agribusiness tailors the business and management curriculum along with offering a Global Animal Health Industry elective to further customize the curriculum for the industry. This will enhance students’ ability to apply management and strategic skills to the challenges of a rapidly changing environment within the animal health industry.

The first two years, students come to the K-State Olathe campus for one week in August to begin a new set of courses. They return for a second week in October to take finals and give presentations. The rest of the year, students take management and organizational behavioral, econometrics and agribusiness management via distance. The required elective, Global Animal Health Industry, is taken during the fall of the second year.

Program coursework is covered in the first two years allowing the third year for completion of the thesis. Consisting of 36 hours of coursework plus a six-hour thesis, the program is a total of 42 credit hours for the degree.

AGEC 750 Economic Issues of the Global Animal Health Industry – An elective for the Animal Health Track: the course presents students with in-depth analyses of the different dimensions of the animal health industry from a global perspective. The course assesses dynamics of the business and economic environments as well as the regulatory environment facing veterinary medicine products, feed ingredients and feed additives across the different species and around the globe. It engages students in exploring emerging issues, challenges and opportunities in the animal health industry and provides them with the tools and concepts to evaluate their impacts, assess their opportunities and develop effective responses.


Year 1 courses

AGEC 7011Introduction to Computer Decision Tools for Agribusiness
AGEC 7133Agribusiness Financial Management
AGEC 7303Applied Agribusiness Logistics
AGEC 7003Applied Agribusiness Economics
AGEC 7612Optimization Techniques for Agribusiness
AGEC 7203Agribusiness Risk Management (Year 2 for Southeast Asia/Animal Health)

Year 2 courses

AGEC 7603Applied Econometric Analysis
AGEC 7703International Agribusiness Policy Analysis
MANGT 8203Behavioral Management Theory
MKTG 8103Marketing Concepts and Research (Year 1 for Southeast Asia/Animal Health)
 3Business Elective OR AGEC 710 Comparative Food and Agriculture Systems OR AGEC 750 Economic Issues of the Global Animal Health Industry
AGEC 8903Advanced Food and Agribusiness Management

Year 3 courses

AGEC 7403Seminar in Agricultural Economics Analysis
AGEC 8996Master's Thesis Research

For a detailed list of courses, see Program Booklet.

"I wanted a master's degree program that fit into my job. No matter where I live, I can complete the K-State Master of Agribusiness program. Also, I was looking for a program with in-class time so I could meet the students and the faculty I would be working with. The faculty have been easy to work with and want us to understand the material and succeed."

Christy Pepple
Talent and Skill Development Analyst
Ardent Mills
Ogden, Utah