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Master of Agribusiness

Blockchain Drive-In Workshop

Blockchain Drive-in Workshop

Friday, October 12, 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Kansas Department of Agriculture

1320 Research Park Dr.
Manhattan, KS 66506


K-State’s Master of Agribusiness Program, Kansas Farm Bureau and Kansas Department of Agriculture are hosting a blockchain drive-in workshop. This event will explain blockchains and discuss uses in agriculture. It is open to all interested students and professionals.

Workshop Sessions Include:

  • Blockchain 101 - Andy Brudtkuhl, National Pork Board

  • First Movers, The Case of Wyoming Beef - Tyler Lindholm, Beefchain.io

  • Practical Implications - Phil Harris, RIPE

  • Practical Applications - Lukas Fricke & Neil Johnson, ChorCheck

  • Practical Applications - Tanner Ehmke, CoBank