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Master of Agribusiness

Computer Requirements

All students must have access to a computer, printer, and the Internet. The computer may be a desktop, but a laptop is highly recommended. Current students use laptops and enjoy the flexibility of using their own computer, especially during the campus sessions. In addition, we help you install the distance education software on your laptop while you are on campus.

Buying a new computer?
If you are going to purchase a new computer in preparation for taking the Master of Agribusiness program, the system should have these recommended features:

  • Microsoft® Windows Vista or Windows® 7
  • Microsoft® Office 2010 Professional Version
  • Pentium® at 2.0 GHz processor or higher (1.4 GHz or higher for laptop)
  • 40 GB hard drive or higher
  • 1 GB of RAM or higher n Internet access free from corporate firewall
  • Broadband internet access (DSL/Cable) or 56K modem n Sound card and speakers
  • Internal or external microphone n External mouse for laptop n 16 bit color monitor
  • DVD drive or USD DVD/CD drive
  • Inkjet or laserjet printer n Wireless network card

Many Excel add-ins used during the program do not work on Apples, they only run in Windows environments. So, a PC is the best option for the MAB program. If you prefer to use a Mac for the program, you will need to have the Windows Operating System installed.

Microsoft® Office software packages are available for purchase with a student discount through our campus computer supplier. Please contact the MAB program office for details or go to the K-State Computer Store.

"I wasn't very tech savvy when I started the program. I couldn't total a column in Excel. After joining the program, a CEO asked me to prepare a spreadsheet to prevent at an annual meeting. Besides the gained industry and business knowledge, the program greatly improved my computer skills."

Earl Biggers
I-29 Dairy Consulting Services, LLC
Lake Norden, South Dakota