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Master of Agribusiness

Student Demographics

MAB students and alumni come from all across the United States and more than 30 countries around the globe and are employed in all stages of the food, agribusiness and animal health sector. Our students and graduates are distributed almost equally through the agri-industries supply chain. Roughly equal amounts of students are employed in pre–farm gate, and post–farm gate first handler. A smaller group is employed in the food processing/retailing sector, education or government, or are producers. The concentration of knowledge and experience of our student population along the supply chain creates an ideal environment for learning, and keeps the classroom interesting and discussion focused on industry challenges. It also provides a great opportunity to network, build professional connections and life-long friendships.

Students have a variety of reasons for entering the program, but usually fit one of the following categories:

  • They have a technical background in a food or agriculture discipline and want to gain business skills.
  • They have entered or are preparing to enter a management role and need to broaden their management skill set.
  • They have a business or liberal arts background and have entered a career in food or agribusiness, and need to understand the nuances of the industry.
  • They wish to update their technology skills.




"I chose the MAB program because I wanted to expand my horizons to learn about the agriculture industry from a broader, global perspective. This program helped me immensely in my career. As an accountant, I can sometimes get caught up in the numbers themselves and forget about what they really mean. My classes have encouraged me to look deeper and have given me the insight necessary to interpret economic and industry factors in the numbers I see every day."

Katlin Hall
US Supply Planning Manager
Cargill Feed and Nutrition
Kansas City, Missouri