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Master of Agribusiness

Distance Learning

MAB students earn a fully accredited* master’s degree through distance education. Course work is done through the Internet, flash drives, podcasts and online recitation sessions. Students also visit the K-State, K-State Olathe or Hong Kong campus two weeks a year. The time on campus allows students to meet classmates and faculty, receive training on the technology, interact with industry leaders, and give group project presentations.

Most students find that the MAB program provides a learning environment superior to anything they have experienced before. Distance Learning is often incorrectly equated to correspondence coursework. The Master of Agribusiness was designed to take advantage of the latest technology and a combination of learning styles - audio, visual and text based. The program offers flexibility within a supportive and structured service environment and students benefit from the ability to fit the program around their schedules.

Course lectures are delivered via a customized flash drives provided for each course. Lecture material may also be accessed via the Internet or downloaded to an iPod/MP4 player at any time. A textbook and notes accompany each course so students may follow along with the lecture. Most use PowerPoint presentations or Excel spreadsheets with voice-overs.

Another component of the course is the weekly recitation. Class members decide on an evening, morning, or weekend time to meet in the course multi-audio, interactive recitation sessions. The recitation sessions allow students to interact with each other and the instructor to gain further understanding of course material. Occasionally, students are not able to attend all of the recitation sessions during a course, much like a campus-based class. Unlike a campus-based course, each recitation session is recorded and archived in MP4 format so that students may review what was discussed during the recitation.

Each course includes homework assignments and exams. Many courses include individual presentations, research papers, and case study work. Unlike a campus-based course, a special trip to campus is not required to meet with group members or turn in assignments. All homework is accomplished through e-mail and recitation sessions.

*Kansas State University and its programs are fully accredited by the North Central Accrediting Association and by various professional accrediting agencies.

"Having the on-campus sessions allows us to connect with our fellow students more and get a little more of the college feel. The technology used in the program works rather well regardless of the student's technology situation. It's easy to connect with other students to have study sessions and there are multiple formats to get lectures. Having recitation sessions archived is beneficial in order to go back and review what was discussed in class."

Tyrell Fickensher
Upward Ag Systems, LLC
Lincoln, Nebraska