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Master of Agribusiness

Publications & Journal Articles

Some MAB Alumni have had their theses published in journals or conducted continuing research resulting in published articles and papers. For more information on MAB journal articles and publications, please email us at mab@ksu.edu.

The cost of grazing corn stover and winter cover crops
Todd R. Higgins and Jason Bergtold for Progressive Forage

What to Do with a Gift of Farmland
Michael H. Hauger & Robert O. Burton, Jr. Published in the Journal of American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers (ASFMRA), 2015.

State Variations in Railroad Wheat Rates
Michael W. Babcock, Matthew McKamey, and Phillip Gayle. Published in Journal of the Transportation Research Forum, Vol. 53, No. 3 (Fall 2014), pp. 83-100

Value of Preconditioned Certified Health Programs to Feedlots
Tucker Schumacher, Ted Schroeder, and Glynn Tonsor. Published by K-State Research and Extension, August 2011.

"The Impact of Agriculture Future of America (AFA) Participation on Workplace Skills."
Leslie Shuler Svacina and Andrew Barkley. Published in the Journal of North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture, Volume 54, No. 4, December 2010.

"Results of a Survey to Determine Demographic and Business Management Factors Associated with Size and Growth Rate of Rural Mixed-Animal Veterinary Practices."
Amy Brusk, Brad J. White, Dan R. Goehl, and Kevin C. Dhuyvetter. Published in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, Volume 237, No. 12, December 15, 2010.

"Entrepreneurial Supply Chains and Strategic Collaboration: The Case of Bagoss Cheese in Bagolino, Italy."
Piercarlo Marletta, Vincent R. Amanor-Boadu, Arlo Biere. Published in International Food and Agribusiness Management Review, Volume 12, Issue 3, 2009.

"Influence of Variable Milk Quality Premiums on Observed Milk Quality."
Cameron Nightingale, Kevin Dhuyvetter, R. Mitchell and Y. Schukken. Published in Journal of Dairy Science 91 (2008): 1236-1244.

“Grass-Fed Certification: The Case of the Uruguayan Beef Industry.”
Lautaro Perez, Michael A. Boland and Sean Fox. Published in Choices, Agricultural Economics Association (AAEA), April 2007.

“Determining the Probability of Default and Risk Rating Class for Loans in the Seventh Farm Credit District Portfolio.”
Allen M. Featherstone, Laura M. Roessler, and P.J. Barry. Published in Review of Agricultural Economics - Volume 28, (Spring 2006) – Pages 4-23 .

“Estimating the Effects of Animal Health on the Performance of Feedlot Cattle.”
Max, Irsik, Michael Langemeier, Ted Schroeder, Mark Spire, and Joseph Deen Roder. Published in Bovine Practitioner - 40, (Summer 2006) – Pages 65-74.

“Determinants of Agricultural Economic Faculty Salaries: A Quarter of a Century Later.”
Bill Golden, Leah J. Tsoodle, Oluwarotimi O.  Odeh, and Allen M. Featherstone. Published in Review of Agricultural Economics - Volume 28 (Summer 2006) – Pages 254-61.

“Underlying Causes and Implications of Nebraska Retail Trade Patterns.” 
Rex Nelson, B. B. Johnson, and David L. Darling. Published in Great Plains Research – Volume 16, Number 1 – Pages 63-71.

“Grass-Fed Certification: The Case of the Uruguayan Beef Industry.”
Lautaro Perez, Michael A. Boland and Sean Fox. Published by the Agricultural Issues Center University of California, May 2005.

“A Study of the Financial Impact of Dairy Manure Storage Systems in Northeast Kansas.”
by Michael L. Vogt and Terry L. Kastens.  Published in Review of Agricultural Economics – Volume 27, Number 3 – Pages 336–349.

“Vertical Integration in Ecuador:  The Case of Fresh-Cut Pineapples.”
By Carlos F. Piana, Allen M. Featherstone, and Michael A. Boland.  Published in Review of Agricultural Economics – Volume 27, Number 4 – Pages 593–603.

“Determinants of Kansas Agricultural Land Values.”
Leah J. Tsoodle, Bill Golden, Allen M. Featherstone. Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics - Volume 35 ( August 2003) page 440.