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Master of Agribusiness


The Master of Agribusiness program offers three elective courses for students to fulfill the elective requirement. 

Comparative Food and Agriculture Systems (AGEC 710)

This course is for food and agribusiness professionals interested in getting an in-depth view of the global food system. The course will show you the real picture of the food and agribusiness industry from people who have experienced it first hand. AGEC 710 is team taught by faculty at K-State’s partner institutions in Brazil, France, New Zealand, India, Thailand, Uganda, and Russia and the Former Soviet Union to give you a first-hand account of the history and conditions of each of the significant economic zones studied – MERCOSUR, European Union, Russia and the FSU, Oceania, sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia and East Asia. (3 credit hours, mid-April to mid-August)

 AGEC 710 Regions Map

Economic Issues in the Global Animal Health Industry (AGEC 780)

An internet-based look into the economics of the animal health and companion animal industry. It presents students with in-depth analyses of the different dimensions of the animal health industry from a global perspective. The course assesses dynamics of the business and economic environments as well as the regulatory environment facing veterinary medicine products, feed ingredients and feed additives across the different species and around the globe. It engages students in exploring emerging issues, challenges and opportunities in the animal health industry and provides them with the tools and concepts to evaluate their impacts, assess their opportunities and develop effective responses. (3 credit hours, January-April)

MAB International Agriculture Tour (AGEC 750)

Students participating in the MAB International Agriculture Tour may earn elective credit for the trip. Trips take place every other year. Location and timing vary.

Students should plan to spend an average of seven to 10 hours per week on each class. This includes lectures, readings, recitations and homework.

The courses are $2,700 for three credit hours of graduate work. They are open to anyone with a bachelor’s degree and two years of professional experience.  For more information about a course, or to apply, you must notify the MAB Program Coordinator at mab@ksu.edu and then fill out a non-degree application

*A non-degree seeking student is a person who wants to take one or more credits but does not want to seek completion of a degree program.

"The international course is very beneficial in understanding agriculture on a global scale. Each instructor brought a different view of agriculture within their region, as well as, their take on global agriculture. In agribusiness, we all compete on a global stage, and a strong understanding of your competitor is vital to the success of any profitable business."

Matt Craig
Industry Director - Food & Petfood Group
Mac Process
Kansas City, Missouri