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Master of Agribusiness

Russia 2006

K-State’s Master of Agribusiness program continued the offer of international travel with a two-week trip focused on Russian agriculture with stops in Moscow, Tula and St. Petersburg.

Watch Show K-State, a local TV station interview & video of the trip (56 minutes):

A group of 24 MAB students and alumni, faculty and staff, and other agriculturalists traveled to Russia and participated in the second MAB international food and agribusiness trip. During the 12-day tour, the group visited various agricultural and food related facilities including a dairy farm and broiler facility. The tour also included visits to Cargill's refined vegetable oil and sweetener plant in Efremov and a Caterpillar welding facility in St. Petersburg, as well as presentations by representatives from Monsanto and the Analytical Centre of Agri-Food Economics in Moscow. Participants learned about Russian agricultural education during visits to Moscow State Agroengineering and St. Petersburg State Agrarian universities. Time was also set aside for sightseeing the many historical sights in Moscow and St. Petersburg.