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Master of Agribusiness

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a Masters in Agribusiness differ from a Master of Business Administration?

The Master in Agribusiness has been developed with guidance from agribusiness leaders. The program is designed to integrate analytical concepts and management issues such as human resources and marketing, and apply these concepts directly to animal health and agribusiness problems. The Master of Agribusiness allows students the opportunity to learn problem-solving skills in depth, while an MBA often addresses a broad range of operational and strategic issues. Both degrees are valuable, but each appeals to a different audience.

Can I get a degree without attending campus?

This is an option at some universities, however, most programs require some on-campus attendance. The on-campus component of the K-State MAB program is an important step in building the cohort of students that will rely on each other throughout the program. Campus sessions are limited to a total of four weeks over two years at the K-State campus in Manhattan or the K-State Olathe campus. In all, we find that students have a very positive educational experience in the MAB program because they know each other and the faculty well. Students welcome the opportunity to meet each other and gain business contacts.

How much time does the program require?

During the January to March months for the U.S. cohort, and the August to October months for the Animal Health cohort when students are completing two courses at the same time, students can expect to spend 10-15 hours a week on coursework. The rest of the year courses are completed one at a time and most students spend 5-8 hours per week listening to lectures, attending live online recitation sessions and completing homework assignments.

Can I use my work laptop computer? Company-owned laptops with corporate firewalls may not be used. You probably will find that you can work more efficiently with your own laptop. Although laptops are not a requirement of the program, we strongly encourage you to bring a laptop and external mouse if you have one available. In addition, while on campus you will have the opportunity to install and test the distance education software. If you decide to purchase a new laptop, please go to the Computer Requirements page for computer specifications.

What if I don't understand the course material or homework? Like any traditional program, faculty members expect students to need additional help. The Master in Agribusiness program is structured so that students can easily get the help they need through a variety of methods that include: multi-audio internet chat rooms, message boards, email, and the telephone.

What is this extra business class that I can transfer to K-State? Is the class required? What if I don't live near a university? Yes, a 3-hr business elective is required. This course allows for a deeper understanding of issues that are important for a student's thesis/research project. If you do not live near a university, we offer two electives you can choose from: AGEC 710 Comparative Food and Agriculture Systems, and AGEC 750 Economic Issues of the Global Animal Health Industry; or you may take a graduate business course via distance from an accredited university. We will help you determine the course that best fits your needs. Some MAB students even take the class at the same time so they can help each other.

Where do I stay during the campus sessions? We block rooms at local hotels in Manhattan and Olathe offering discounted rates for our students during the campus session weeks. Students can stay at one of those locations or choose another option.

How many students do you admit each year and when should I apply? The average class size is 25-30 students. Applications are screened upon receipt and will be accepted until October 15 for the Manhattan cohort and June 1 for the Animal Health cohort, or until classes are filled. Waiting lists will be established for students accepted into the program after classes are full.

Can I still be admitted if my undergraduate GPA is less than 3.0? Yes, admission to the program is still possible. Some students may be admitted to the program on a probationary status. Students on probation as a condition of admission will acquire good standing if they achieve a cumulative GPA of 3.0 in the first nine credit hours of graduate level course work. Applicants who have a lower than required grade point average may be required to take the GMAT or GRE.

How do I enroll in courses and receive my class materials? MAB staff will enroll you in each of your courses at the appropriate times of year. You will receive course materials during the campus sessions and other items will be shipped to you as necessary throughout the year.

Other questions? Please contact MAB staff at mab@ksu.edu or 1-785-532-4495.