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Master of Agribusiness

South America 2004

Twelve people joined us in the first international trip offered by MAB. Participants included current students and alumni of the program, as well as, others interested in learning more about South American agriculture.

Watch The South American Experience, a video documentary of our trip by MAB Alumnus Tracy Brunner (46 minutes):

Participants traveled to Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay. Stops included visits to various agricultural and food related facilities including large-scale soybean, cattle and corn operations, large multinational grain operators and local research facilities. Time was also set aside for sightseeing.

Lon Frahm, a South America tour participant and president of Frahm Farmland, enjoyed the South America tour. “The 2004 South America trip was probably the most enjoyable group tour I have ever been on,” said Lon. “The access, connections, and relationships that the department and university provided really enhanced the experience. It is not often that I've had the chance to visit foreign countries with the caliber of folks that the MAB program provides.”