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Master of Agribusiness

Applied Learning

The K-State Master of Agribusiness program provides food, animal health and agribusiness professionals strategies for making informed decisions based on an understanding of current issues and a combination of analytical and problem-solving skills to implement solutions to firm-level problems. Information is presented so that students integrate key concepts while immediately applying what they have learned. Students complete company-related projects in many courses, solving issues for their firms. The applied focus of the degree is enhanced by the interaction of students employed in all segments of the food, animal health and agribusiness sector.

Students in the third year of the program identify a company-related issue or problem that they will solve through the development of a professional thesis. The concepts and skills acquired throughout the program are applied while researching and writing the thesis. It is common for a student's thesis to become part of their company's polices or instrumental in decision-making practices.

"Our sugar beet cooperative has five sugar beet processing factories in a four-state area and produces up to 700,000 tons of pressed pulp to either be sold to the local cattle market in a wet form or dried into pellets and shipped overseas. The optimization course helped me analyze the co-products businesses more effectively by assessing many variables and limitations at once. The result was a recommendation of product mix from each factory that maximized revenues and a tool that can be updated as energy prices change. This analysis resulted in a change of focus on how we manage our co-products business and approximately $1.4 million in savings for the year."

Mike Hofer
Chief Operating Officer
Panhandle Coop Association
Denver, Colorado