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Master of Agribusiness

Sales and Marketing in the Animal Health Industry (AGEC 735)

Cat DogSales and Marketing in Animal Health Industry (AGEC 735) is designed to introduce students to marketing and sales principles and practices in the complex world of the animal health industry.

The 3-credit, online graduate course provides an interactive forum for learning marketing and sales concepts and exploring unique aspects of their application in the context of food animal markets (B2B) and companion animal consumer markets (B2C). Knowledge from multiple sources including:

  • academic literature
  • real-world case studies
  • interviews with industry executives

The emphasis is placed on learning through applied problem-solving activities.

Students completing this course will be able to:
  1. Demonstrate comprehension of key marketing and sales concepts and the specificity of their application in the context of animal health industry.
  2. Analyze market information and conduct marketing research to capture market insight in the animal health industry.
  3. Apply key marketing and sales concepts to formulate marketing strategies and to develop marketing plans.
Who should enroll in this course?

Early- and mid-career professionals considering a career path in animal health, one of the worlds fastest-growing industries. This includes but is not limited to veterinarians and executives from manufacturing, pharmaceutical, compounding, distribution, and retail firms.

Students should plan to spend an average of seven to 10 hours per week on each class. This includes lectures, readings, recitations and homework.

Course runs from June-August. It is $2,475 for three credit hours of graduate work. It is open to anyone with a bachelor’s degree and two years of professional experience.  For more information about this course, or to enroll, please contact the MAB Program Coordinator at mab@ksu.edu.

Course Topics and Highlights:

  • Overview of Key Marketing Concepts, Marketing Strategies and Plans
  • Leveraging Marketing Research in Animal Health Industry
  • Customer experience and connectivity in Animal Health Industry
  • Market Segmentation and Brand Positioning in Animal Health Industry
  • Developing Product and Pricing Strategies
  • Go-to-market strategies in the animal health industry